What is a club for?


The importance of people.

According to the theory, “a CLUB is a society founded by a group of people with common interests and dedicated to activities of different kinds, mainly recreational, sporting or cultural”. “It also refers to the place where the members of a club meet”.

A SPORTS CLUB is “a club dedicated to the practice of sport. Some clubs have teams that compete in official tournaments, while other clubs are limited to recreational activities”. When a sports club focuses its activity on a sport or specific sporting disciplines, it is called a Mountain Club, an Orienteering Club, a Triathlon Club, etc…

Anyway, let’s get down to business! Let’s take a closer look at the MOUNTAIN CLUB.

Traditionally they have helped (and still help):

  • To promote mountain sports across multiple disciplines.
  • To develop workshops for beginners on mountain sports and culture.
  • To organise activities, that well-known outing to the countryside
  • To collaborate in official and unofficial competitions

To store and lend material, etc.

That’s why you became a member of the Club???? Be serious!!
The truth is that you joined the club because one day a colleague said, “come and try this” and you got hooked. The truth is that you changed club because the first one was full of your ex’s friends. The truth is that you needed to do sport and the club was the first thing you found close to your neighbourhood. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth are that each one of us has a different reason for arriving at the same place.

Mountain clubs are a cocktail of incredible people: tall and short, strong and not so strong, men and women (increasingly more of the latter), of multiple abilities, different opinions, beliefs and creeds, but all of them are Welcome to the Club! You don’t get kicked out of the club, you leave the club. That’s why TiTANA wants to focus on the importance of people. Because the activity is important but the people are much more important.

Today, more than ever, a club gives you the chance to accompany and be accompanied. Because sometimes we get caught up in the superficial, in handing out the chores, cleaning the premises again, “man, try this block”, “who’s loading up the van?”, “next week…”, and we forget that, with this pandemic, our way of interacting is changing. Slowly and ominously. The lack of mountain is closing us in on ourselves, making us entrenched, and for some it’s even bringing out the real Cro-Magnon in them, to say it like really it is.

We see it in Whatsapp chats, in forums, on Facebook…things are getting tricky and some of us are as silent as the grave. Pick up your mobile and call, because maybe someone needs a pat on the back, a listening ear, a bit of perspective, a bit of help. What’s needed is more quality human contact, more sincerity. Think about it. Because the most important thing about this club is the people!

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