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Don’t the stars look better from your tent? When you have climbed up and down the contour lines to set up your palace at the highest, most isolated, wildest point. When night falls and the sky gives you a spectacle of lights that lets you guess at and draw legends, myths and even science and astronomy.

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HANDMADE and machine stitched. Perfect for those greetings or special messages clearly inspired by the mountain environment and adventure. With the imperfections of the hand-made, which makes each card unique.
A creative fusion of paper and textile scraps. We used leftover fabric scraps from a children’s clothing workshop.
Includes envelope.

300 gr KRAFT recyclable paper.
Horizontal format.
Card size closed: 18×13 cm
Card size open: 18×26 cm
170 g KRAFT recyclable paper
Landscape format, with v-shaped flap.
Envelope size: 19×14 cm
The wrapping is simply a small piece of twine.

At TiTANA we avoid the use of packaging and especially plastic. We cut everything down to the minimum while still ensuring that the item reaches you in good condition.
Did you know that our generation has been baptised, among other names, as the Plastic Generation? Future archaeologists will dig up plastic waste and objects instead of ancient city walls, mosaics, vessels or coins.


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