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Jerzy Kukuczka was the second  climber to reach all 14 of the world´s highest mountains. Simple man, father of a family. In just eight years he climbed all 14  8,000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen. He climbed with secondhand and home-made gear. He worked hard to make money  to pay for each expedition. A very creative one: “If I had a choice, I would always take the road not yet taken by anyone else”, he said.

In 1986, Reinhold Messner, his rival on this race to conquer the Crown of the Himalayas and first to ascend the 14 8,000 m peaks, expressed his admiration via telegram: “You are not the second, you are great”.

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100% certified ORGANIC COTTON t-shirt.

Very soft and confortable. Tubular fabric. Pre-shrunk, combed and ring-spun organic cotton.


Size Width Length
XS 44cm 68cm
S 47cm 70cm
M 50cm 72cm
 L  53cm  74cm

Wash inside out, in cold water and without bleach in to preserve colours and shape. Iron inside out. Do not tumble dry.


We are careful to select manufacturers that meet quality standards because we care about the environment and because we believe in a sustainable future. Made in Bangladesh,  ethical trade certificates.

The Organic Content Standard  (OCS) verifies that an end product contains the exact amount of a certain  organically grown material. The Fair Wair Foundation is focused on garment production, specifically the sewing, cutting and trimming processes, with a commitment to finding a fairer way of making clothing. The OEKO TEX® Standard 100 verifies that there are no harmful substances in the textile or in the manufacturing process.

Kraft paper envelope.

At TiTANA we avoid the use of packaging and especially plastic.

Did you know that our generation has been baptised, among other names, as the Plastic Generation? Future archaeologists will dig up plastic waste and objects instead of ancient city walls, mosaics, vessels or coins.

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