Sheet Matters

Sheet or shit?!

Sheet Matters

Be careful or you might end up in the shit

I’m not joking, it’s true. For us foreigners, no matter how many English lessons we take, the difference in pronunciation between sheet and shit is complicated. And misunderstanding by mistranslation can get us into trouble …. Sheet – Shit!

But this post is not about foreign languages but about the shit we leave in the countryside. That trail of rubbish that we sow after our passage through the mountains.

It is true that we have become more aware of this issue in recent years, but it is also true that the number of hikers, climbers, tourists and Sunday walkers has multiplied exponentially. Still, that’s no excuse.

There are many groups that altruistically carry out clean-up campaigns at the foot of climbing routes, riverbanks, small paths, or other such places. Once the rubbish has been collected, it is classified in order to analyse why it was dumped, forgotten or left. And here comes the surprise: first on the list, in terms of the quantity collected, is toilet paper and wipes. Shit! (This time, yes, really).

It’s obvious that an urgent call of nature is, well, urgent. But folks, let’s think with our heads and not with our arses. Excuse the expression, but it fits perfectly with what I want to say. If we want to enjoy a clean, healthy mountain with the smell of the countryside, we have to take action. Just as we remove cans, plastics, cigarette butts and leftover food, we also have to take away toilet paper, wipes and feminine waste.

It is important that to always have several rubbish bags in our rucksack. Dog poo bags are very useful for this purpose. You can keep some in your trouser pocket without them being bulky or conspicuous. You can even put bags inside your “Kleenex” packet or inside the cardboard roll of toilet paper. There are solutions. It’s just a question of getting into new habits and encouraging others to do the same.

And obviously, get as far away as you can and then leave the window open…

Tell us your tricks and advice for cutting down on rubbish or those ‘archaeological remains’ that leave you with your jaw on the floor:

Basura en la montaña
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