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What goes up must come down. There’s no better moment than when you shout “Anchor! Catch!!!!!!!!! Especially after finishing the hardest part of a climbing route. That little moment when you’re rappelling and you see all the handholds, the ones you used and the ones you didn’t see. When your forearms are bearing witness, “I’m really here”. Down you go, to the ground, your smiling face brimming with satisfaction.

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Mid-calf length sock, 100% MADE IN SPAIN, made from high quality combed cotton. Provides excellent leg support without cutting in at the cuff. No seams or raised designs, so no chafing. Ideal for everyday footwear, whether your style be sport or urban.

82% Cotton, 15% Polyamide, 3% Elastane. The more cotton the more comfortable your foot is. Cotton provides a soft and pleasant feel as well as very good breathability. Polyamide makes it hard-wearing and the elastane gives elasticity and fit.

simbolos de lavado
Wash inside out, in cold water and without bleach in to preserve colours and shape. Do not iron or tumble dry and your socks will last longer. Don’t tear off the label, cut the thread.

We are careful to select manufacturers that meet quality standards because we care about the environment and because we believe in a sustainable future. The OEKO TEX® Standard 100 certificate verifies that there are no harmful substances in the textile or used in the manufacturing stages.

The packaging is a simple piece of cardboard with basic information about the care instructions, size and manufacture.

At TiTANA we avoid the use of packaging and especially plastic. We cut everything down to the minimum while still ensuring that the item reaches you in good condition.

Did you know that our generation has been baptised, among other names, as the Plastic Generation? Future archaeologists will dig up plastic waste and objects instead of ancient city walls, mosaics, vessels or coins.

With the purchase of this product you are collaborating with the organisation ESCALADA SOSTENIBLE (SUSTAINABLE CLIMBING).

Escalada Sostenible is a non-profit organisation coming up with solutions for the future of climbers and of the natural environment in which this sport is practised.

They work by raising awareness, training and active participation both at the rockface and on the climbing wall. They do fundamental mediation work with institutions, associations and organizations for the conservation of birds and habitats, as well as reconciling regulations, limitations and/or prohibitions where climbing has crept in as a new element of the ecosystem.

Since nature and the mountains provide us with inspiration, we believe it is only fair to contribute part of our sales to their care and protection.


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