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The peg or piton is a fixed anchoring element, a classic among classics, which came into use around 1910. It is always accompanied by a hammer, like a cup of tea with its biscuit. Finding one on the wall when you are on a climb brings a feeling of relief (if it’s in useable condition), and respect for those who opened the route. They are the scars of the first ascents.

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Free bookmark with every order!

Classic, generously sized bookmark for readers of a mountaineering persuasion.

We work in harmony with our printer and use up paper left over from other jobs. We take the forests into account in our decision-making.
300g recyclable rough paper scraps: Conqueror, Rives Tradition, Tintoretto…. whoever’s turn it happens to be.
Vertical format.
Printed in 1 ink (blue) on both sides.
Size: 21×5 cm

No packaging
At TiTANA we avoid the use of packaging and especially plastic. We cut everything down to the minimum while still ensuring that the item reaches you in good condition.
Did you know that our generation has been baptised, among other names, as the Plastic Generation? Future archaeologists will dig up plastic waste and objects instead of ancient city walls, mosaics, vessels or coins.


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