International Mountain Day


Letter to a mountaineer

Dear Mountaineer,

Where have you got to? I can’t remember the last time I saw you, or felt you, or smelled you.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m in doing fine. It’s years since I’ve been able to just revel in the silence, to move at my own pace, to bring out my wild side. The truth is that, during all this time, I’ve been finding myself, growing, bringing out the best in myself. You might even say that I’m putting down roots.

I feel fulfilled, full of life, my emotions running high. Believe it or not, I’m even breathing better! But not only that, from up here my eyesight has improved enormously, not to mention my hearing. Do you know, I can even distinguish between the sounds of the wind. Who would have thought that at my age it would be possible to get so much younger!

And even though you and I are far apart, I am not alone. I have new gangs of friends, the big hairy ones, the small slippery ones. Being together is amazing. The truth is, that peace and good vibes reign.

If my mum could hear this she’d be shaken to her very core, but it’s true, I’m even eating more healthily and I’m spotlessly clean. Honestly, there’s not a speck of dirt anywhere. Hahahahaha.

I must confess though, like the song says says “I wish you were here, just like before I wished that you weren’t”

Friend, can I ask you a favour? When you come back, embrace me, but don’t grab me, listen, look, feel, but there’s no need to stamp so hard…. but do come back.

The Mountain

PS Write back soon. Tell me…:

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