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A way to return our inspiration to the mountains.

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When the mountain calls, you just go.

Enterprising, it´s a gerund

Those of us who full to the brim with the mountains have always dreamt of leaving everything behind and... leaving the system, moving to the country, changing jobs,…

International Mountain Day

Letter to a mountaineer Dear Mountaineer, Where have you got to? I can’t remember the last time I saw you, or felt you, or smelled you. I just…

What is a club for?

The importance of people. According to the theory, "a CLUB is a society founded by a group of people with common interests and dedicated to activities of different…

Woman + baby = – climbing?

Advice for climbing mums I wanna go climbing too! This has been my rallying cry for years now. Before my kid was born I was a climbing freak.…

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