Enterprising, it´s a gerund

Those of us who full to the brim with the mountains have always dreamt of leaving everything behind and… leaving the system, moving to the country, changing jobs, becoming a guide, having a vegetable garden, climbing in the morning/afternoon/evening, watching birds, counting the stars… Yes, we are very good at dreaming, but the reality is that it is not so easy to make that leap. Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, said it more than 2000 years ago: “Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

With my head full of this particular cocktail, the idea of merging art and mountains popped up. Art understood as any artistic expression and the mountain with all its facets (nature, sport, culture, colleagues, etc.). It was obvious that the sporting world is very competitive and that there are already brands that do an amazing job with their range of products. Products designed, for the most part, to be worn, to be put in the backpack… in short, products for training or for weekend activities.

But what happens for the rest of week?


Thus, our match begins.

If we’re really honest with ourselves, we need those weekdays to plan, to train, to check out new climbing schools, the next trip, have look at the corridor still pending from last year.  Let´s face it, we only have one idea in our heads.  So, we decided to focus on that midweek, the house, the office, the routine and TiTANA took shape, to bring the mountain closer to the city.

The end result became a goal that literally took our sleep away: to develop a new range of “mountain-inspired items to use at home”. Useful, decorative or personal things.

With all the enthusiasm in the world we got down to work, but what nobody had told us was that entrepreneurship is a long-distance race, a big wall, the loftiest peak – a job for titans! And the pandemic added its own bitter twist in the form of supplier closures, stock breakages, slowness, forced digitisation…. Business schools don’t warn you about this sort of thing 😛

Fortunately, there are in this world people who are angels from heaven. At TiTANA we have a few of them. The collaborators of this project are restless, positive, daring, super-creative, anti-obstacle, highly motivated people, with a lot of mountain at their backs and more still to come.

TiTANA, apart from inventing new products, aims to make them in an ethical, social and environmentally friendly way. With a vision of a sustainable future that involves preserving and caring for our environment so that we can always return to our mountains. Because two (weekend) days will always be better than one or none.

Are you a dreamer one?

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