Our essence

Live the mountain from home,
Every day of the year

We love the mountain,
we love rock,
we love nature,
but we live, work and breathe in the city.
Why should we have to wait until the weekend?

TiTANA brings the values of the mountain into the urban environment, to foster change in people and helping to bring about a future that is sustainable, fair and optimistic.

Nuestros valores



In the world of sport, particularly in climbing, the term TiTANA is used to encourage women mountaineers to work the climb, to push on through the more difficult sections which demand higher performance. Come on, Titana! Of course, Titan is also used in the same way, for male climbers.

However, the TiTANA is the actually the result of the incorrect feminisation of the word ‘Titan’ (masculine). The correct female form is Titánide (Titaness), but this is something only known to experts in mythology. It’s easy to fall in love with the word TiTANA, embodying as it does, strength, elegance and tone, connoting the joyful, the positive and the female.

TiTANA is a brand with an authentic personality, it is artistic, different, enthusiastic and 100% mountaineer.


We believe that the present and the future lie in our hands and that we can achieve our goals if we are aware of our capacity to be engines of change in society. With a smile, with a lot of positive energy and with good humour.


We express ourselves in a way that is clear, direct and friendly. We speak mountaineer to connect with those who share our way of looking at life. We want to be close and we are transparent. Ice axe in hand, we face the wind head on, letting every wrinkle be the map of our experience.


TiTANA commits to bring about a sustainable future which has justice and optimism written into its DNA. The future and sustainability in three ways: the good work of this project, balance in our relationship with people and the environment and an active contribution to reducing the impact of climate change.

We examine the way we manage on a daily basis and we communicate our values and messages in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, four in particular:


Gender Equality

Ladies and gentlemen, we are equal. She, he, they. However, it is a theoretical equality with enormous social, cultural, political and economic differences.

We are working to narrow the gender gap.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We spend our week thinking about what we are going to do at the weekend. Work, home, car, food, kids, training, more work, more home…

We want to transfer mountaineering values and behaviour to the city. More bikes, more trees, more friends, more jokes. Less rubbish, less fuel, less noise, less stress.

Responsible Production and Consumption

Our supply chain aspires to be a completely responsible being. Traceability, guarantees as to the origin of the raw materials as well as the production techniques. We see this as a journey, re-educating ourselves and our partners. It’s a work in progress.
We aim to produce locally, here in this, our land, 100% Made in Spain. Of course, this means that we can’t afford to offer the cheap prices that fuel fast fashion or disproportionate consumption. Our prices reflect what is involved in setting machinery in motion.
We support rural producers and groups of artisans ‘at risk of extinction’.
We are also searching for solutions to reduce packaging, eliminate plastic, avoid urgent deliveries and other aspects which benefit sustainability by improving in-house efficiency.

Climate Action

All this we do in order to carry on enjoying nature and our mountains, as without them this project makes no sense.

The mountains are landscapes, climbing routes, paths and trails, peaks and chasms, rivers, fauna and flora, they are its people, its culture, its gastronomy, its music. Our beginning and our end.

The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by all members of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) in 2015 as a universal appeal to end poverty, protect the planet and bring peace and prosperity to all people by 2030.

Read more about the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals


As nature and the mountains offer us the gift of inspiration, we think it only fair to contribute part of our sales to their care and protection.

We collaborate with projects aimed at environmental activism, gender equality, responsible consumption and sustainable cities. All must have a connection with nature, its people, its culture and its future sustainability. These aspects should be key components of each project.

If you have an official, documented project that fits into these categories and fulfils these requirements, please contact us at hola@titana.es so that we can assess the potential for collaboration.

Our partners

At TiTANA we are fortunate to work with artists, artisans and designers who both understand and share this project with us. Each one of these sons and daughters of their parents has a feeling for art and for the mountain which makes them unique.

We have specialists in illustration, ceramics, graphic design, printing, web design, fashion and manufacture. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight their work and give them a round of applause. Here are some of them:

Enrique Cameno

Graphic designer and print specialist. Quiet, frugal and with an extensive repertoire of solutions. Nothing gets past him. There isn’t an ink or paper that can get the better of him. Sterling service, vouched for by his years of experience. Ears to listen and unending patience. If he has nerves, we’ve never seen them.

Trained in Fine Arts and with great sensitivity to artisan work, drawing and even the performing arts. He spends his holidays in a cottage in the middle of nowhere.



Small but deadly. Highly professional, hugely technical software engineers. They don’t beat about the bush and can grasp the essential in only a few words. There’s nothing like connecting to the magic of climbing and nature through software. Web designers for TiTANA.

Although they bury themselves in their work, they offset the effects with a van, healthy eating and getting away from it all.


Neus Caamaño

The first time we met Neus her illustrations had us melting like snow in the springtime. With a degree in Fine Arts, she has a style all her own: concise, elegant, deliberate yet expressive. Few colours, clear lines and only the necessary details. With very little she says everything.

Personally, she transmits calm. From a small town in Girona, she was brought up in the country and she returns whenever she can.


Coria Gráfica

A traditional printer, but with highly advanced internal politics. How many companies can boast EFR (Conciliation and Equality) certification? Trust and customer service are their hallmark.

They also comply with all the seals of the Custody Chain of Forest Products, which is what really matters to us: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Asociación para la Certificación España) among others.


Hiliana García

Small, slim, looooong hair and infinite CREATIVITY. This is Hiliana, graduated in Fine Arts and versatile where they exist. She cannot do two things the same because her imagination does not allow it. She is a specialist in bringing fabrics to life in the form of a bag, backpack, purse or mask.

She teaches recycling classes for children and is an advocate for slow-fashion. She loves the world of vias ferratas. That she says it’s not sport because she just has a good time.


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